Laundry Files: Spiral Gambit

Session 10

Power Play

The team call the an ambulance for the tied up girl in Kevin's closet. The team capture Kevin after fighting a very large level 3 Horror from Beyond.

They bring him to Mary's and get little out of Kevin but discern the location of Angleton.

With Angleton, the play is to give the fetish over to Blue Hades in exchange for the Horse and technical support to help build a mock fetish. Mary will give this mock fetish to Mr. Black but not before Angleton wraps up the situation with the Auditors. The plan is for Mr. Black to look like a fool in front of the Auditors. 

Angleton sends the team to the construction site of the New Annex where Mr. Black has been hiding a level 4 portal that is sending the names of the team through it. The team, along with members of the SAS relieve the plumbers there and secure the site. The team along with 8 SAS members enter the portal.

The team find the reported barren desert aside from the one "city" in the distance. They make their way their, avoiding weird tunnels that line the outskirts of the city. Weird obelisks and dome have no entry as they enter the city but they eventually find a few prefab building which look to have a very human and very modern feel to them.

Evidence of Laundry presence are found in the prefabs when an unknown shooter on a dome nearly kills Arthur. They take him down as the sun sets and the survivors of this city start to appear en masse. 

The swarm the killed sniper as Henry and Liam find safety in a HOG. Arthur is pushed out in the swarming crowd and is chased into a large APC. The APC unloads military figures and tranqs Arthur and many other survivors as they are packed into the back of the APC.

Liam and Henry are then greeted by a very old friend, in many interpretations of the word.



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