TPCF- The Torch



Nineteen and comes from Macclesfield. He’s about one-ninety centimeters tall(6foot’2),painfully Skinny (but stronger than he looks),and not academically inclined. Descended from mill workers: Dad’s a builder, Mum’s a plumber, scraped a couple of GCSE passes, And left school at sixteen to follow Dad into the building trade.
Ambition: to work his way all the way to the top, Which is defined by the rarefied job description of “skilled bricklayer.” Which, to his credit, he was on course to become–until three months ago, when he discovered that he could light cigarettes by snapping his fingers. Then bonfires. Then convert a fifty-quid B&Q barbecue into a blazing molten Dali sculpture, which is when the Macclesfield Express dubbed him The Torch.


TPCF- The Torch

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