Laundry Files: Spiral Gambit

Session 6
The Mercenary, the Doctor and the Alter Ego

Liam and Henry fight security guards as Banks calls for the (not)nurses. Arthur and Norma subdue a nurse with Dr. Lewis' help. Dr Lewis activates the sleeper entity within Dr Stuart and asks her to helps Arthur's friends. It, instead, escapes up the elevator with the other possessed patients and re-releases the nurse back on Dr. Lewis.

Banks gathers what intel he can and drops a grenade to destroy the rest just before escaping. Liam throws the grenade wide as Henry picks it up and runs at both appearing nurses, succeeding at a most glorious jihad against them. Henry reforms in front of Liam, much to Liam's dismay. The sprinklers turn on, but turn off unexpectedly. 

The possessed patients get passed Liam and Henry but Dr. (not)Stuart is apprehended when a warning comes from Arthur over the radio as Norma subdues the nurse with one of Lewis' control tokens. They team exits as the Institute is really on fire.

The plummers arrive with Ms. Murphy. Norma halts the possessed patients attacking the escaping normal patients. Everyone is exorcized. Dr. Lewis is then killed with a sniper shot. Arthur insights the shooter, Banks, and Henry hits one hell of a headshot.

Getting back to London, the team is debriefed and told of Karen's exoneration and that they can get a late start the next day. Angleton reminds them of the individual assignments they all have due in 2 days.

The next morning, the team have a meeting after breakfast including a very ungrateful Liam who should really put a sock on his doorknob if he doesn't want to be disturbed. They all reveal they are investigating each other and what they know of their powers.

Liam shows everyone his A.I. Arthur gets word of the excavation of the cave he and Dennis were attacked in. Henry is informed of a therapist house call for later this evening.

Session 5
Into the Asylum

plan of action decided.

Got onto grounds. Fought possessed patients and a monstrous nurse. 

Found Dr. Lewis' plans of possessing patients with entities which are under a geas to act like the patient. Arthur, Norma, and Clara confront Dr. Lewis and Dr. Stuart as the prepare to possess Edith. Liam and Henry confront Director Banks. Then hell breaks loose, from a closet.

Session 4
The Institute

Spoke to Karen.

Met Clara, who explains her plans on investigating Institute with her great aunt Edith. Edith is found out to be blacklisted by Laundry( a no-recruit list)

Meet Edith in the morning, discover a much larger facility than what was let on. Meet Dr Lewis and Dr Stuart. Run into Banks, whom Remy discovers is suspicious of the group.

Group reconvenes and track book given to Edith as it is led into the secure ward of the Institute.

Session 3
Little Grey Men

new house.

Line manager Mary Murphy. Project Aurora. Peter-Fred. Assignment from Angleton to investigate person picking up fake occult book.

Arrive in Croydon. Book not picked up. Meet LPC. Find fingerprint. Meet liaison to Laundry. Investigate body.

Session 2
Going down to Dunwich part 2

Goodbye Suresh. New Spiral assignments. New house.

Session 1
Going Down to Dunwich

Ends with a body.

Session 0
Please read before we start.

Hey Guys. Please change your character picture. Also, if you have it ready, fill in your character sheet in the drop down menu of your character. I'll be adding your back stories you've sent me into your bios but you can delete anything you don't want public.

Your gracious DM,


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