Laundry Files: Spiral Gambit

Session 7

Former Lives

All members give in their reports. New manager, more department members of super sort.

Arthur goes to the cave. Meets Wentworth. Wentworth apologizes. Tells him of what happened. Offers to put back Dennis' consciousness if he can get the fetish. the fetish is a relic of great power. It looks like the picture Wentworth produces, a spiral seashell that has runes on it. All he can say is that it will save the world. The Laundry will most likely want to keep it for themselves but Wentworth challenges their motives when it comes to Case Nightmare Green.

Lilly goes for a walk, Henry finds something missing in his book case. The psychologist, Dr. Hurt, asks how Henry's doing and such, then tell's him that there is no record of him at all. And, in fact, King's records show adoption papers from the 1970's. That she is the grandchild of Carahan, which Henry remembers as his wife. From a psychologist perspective, King adopted Henry, kept him isolated in her basement as some weird childhood rearing experiment. Or he possibly had some xenophobia. Regardless, the incident which caused Ms. King to go MIA caused some psychosis, whether from the xenophobia or the child rearing, it's unsure.

So, to compensate, his mind created this fantasy, where he lived a fantastical life as an adventurer to cope, and this persona is the defense mechanism that's holding Henry together. If that's the case, we have to identify this as fact by recovering Henry's real memories and slowly removing the adventurer persona.

He states an alternative. Henry is stating the truth. That these adoption papers were somehow forged for whatever purpose and he really is over 100 years old. In this case, they need to recover his memories to piece together why the cover up and how he has lived so long.

Dr. Hurt offers hypnosis and walk through of king mansion. During hypnosis, Henry remembers everything up to the day of the incident and the incident itself. As the session goes on, Henry barely senses the hypnosis is straying from its usual process. That's when he notices he is on fire, Dr. Hurt escapes and Lilly puts Henry out. Arthur sees both Dr. Hurt and an unexpected door to the house but is soon distracted by saving the now dehydrated Lilly by putting her in a bath. 

Henry recovers as most of the lights go out. Dr. Hurt's voice reverberates throughout the house stating that he WILL get what he wants from Henry.



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