Laundry Files: Spiral Gambit

Session 9


Mer-person takes over the security console, showing all rooms which are being powered down and monsters disappearing. doors become normal and plumbers clear the area.

A table is summoned from the floor and the main mer-person hovers to the table, The Horse disarms, motioning for the party to do the same, and sits.

Angleton and Mary show up and take seats. The leader, Serena of North Sea, explains the house was a last resort. Lilly of London's task was to observe and judge whether a receiver of the fetishes' power could be trusted along with all those involved in the fetish's disappearance. Show the feed as Henry is geas and combusts and Lilly comes to his rescue. It seems she has grown too close to the targets and have failed her mission.

The fetish is old Blue Hades technology. It has near limitless power storage capabilities beyond Humans most magically prepared capacitor. the bits of texts that still survive show a potential to power any ritual anyone could desire. details are sparse since there is a ritual needed to bind a person to the fetish, allowing them to read the text of performing the rituals with the fetish, without going blind.

They say they require the fetish in their hands or they will have to update the treaty between them and humans. they take the Horse and leave.

Mary gives Angleton shit after Blue Hades leaves. She says this smoke and mirrors has gone too far. Angleton lays out everything. offers access to the King mansion. Mary tells of the fix they have for Arthur and Norma.

Angleton gives access to the King Mansion, which will be fully exorcized in a week. Mary sends the team to the hospital.

Mary explains that they need the xrays to develop a device to allow Arthur, Norma, and anyone else developing natural powers. This device will make sure the person does not contract Kransburg syndrome.

While at the hospital Arthur deals with Ms. Jackson while the rest of the team figure out that the glowing green skull of Liam's A.I. is the same as Dennis'.

At the King Mansion, Henry remembers everything, the incident, his daughter's sacrifice, Dennis soul merging with the text document of the fetish.

Back at the Laundry, Mr. Black has displaced Angleton from head of the Counter-Possession Unit. Mary tells the team this is a power play and Mr. Black should not be trusted. Boris sends the team to find the whereabouts of Wentworth. But before they set out, the team come up with a plan to appease Blue Hades, get the Horse back, and screwing over Mr. Black, all under his nose.



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